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We do the following: Stereo fault diagnostics, repairs, direct sales, buy, and exchange exclusively on Land Rover stereo systems. We specialize in face mounted and remote mounted iPod / MP3 Auxiliary jacks for most OEM units 1987 to 2004 for our customers world wide. We buy new or used Land Rover stereo equipment in any condition with or without the security codes.


Send us an e-mail with the following required information:

  • Land Rover model and year, i.e. Range Rover, Discovery I or II, Defender, etc.  with year
  • What seems to be the problem, best you can tell, what's it doing/not doing, was rain or spilled refreshment involved?
  • Tel. number and shipping address so we can quote shipping price, domestic or international?

Note: we intentionally have left our shipping address off for good reason.  Too many folks sent us units that were not OEM Land Rover or were sent without any information,  i.e. sent From a packing / shipping shops with no owner info, so no way to contact the owner… So as well as us wanting to know what’s coming in and why we can often help without the cost and downtime of needlessly shipping us your unit as it could be something simple that you can repair…. like a blown fuse at back of radio or fuse box.

We also sell a few unique specialty items, like a 7 piece set of Range Rover Classic 1987 to 1994 internally illuminated window and sun-roof switches, we do sell a 3 piece set for the 1995 soft dash…. is the rear doors and the sunroof only.

Ipod / MP3 Connections


Direct iPod / MP3 / iPhone connection for most Land Rover OEM stereos. Just plug and Play!  

Due to a high volume of requests we are very pleased to offer our latest development:  Direct Ipod / MP3 /iPhone connection by means of our stereo 3.5mm radio face Aux jack... for virtually all Land Rover OEM sound systems. It’s the perfect solution for those Land Rover owners that want state of the art technology in their factory head units.

With our discrete 3.5mm Aux. jack solution you do not lose any system functions, but gain Ipod/MP3/Serius/Satilite/iPhone, etc direct connectivity to your OEM sound system. So throw away those junk sound dropping, noise making cassette adaptor and trash sounding FM modulators. Our 3.5mm Aux. jack is a direct connection so no drop in volume or fidelity.  Just plug and play!  

You get: Our discrete 3.5mm Aux. jack professionally installed in your OEM radio.


When connected through our Aux. jack and enjoying your iTunes/music should you get a phone call thru same device the music will gently fade out and the phone ringing will be audible direct thru your car speakers, simply answer the call and talk, they hear you fine (no need to pick the iPhone up even) and you hear them thru the car speakers, so is hands free without buying ear phones etc.  Once you end the call the radio / music gently fades back in. I say gently because it is subtle (won’t scare you to death while you drive) and gently increases back to the volume you had before the call.  Is brilliant!

For more details see Ipod / MP3 / iPhone page

UK Pricing
75  (Alpine 85) for 3.5mm auxiliary jack install on your OEM Land Rover head unit.
if your unit is being shipped to us anyway. Set fee for repair still applies.
+ Shipping: 9 UK mainland (Special Delivery next day)
12 standard Europe (not insured or tracked)
20 Europe (insured & tracked)
28 Australia / NZ (insured & tracked) 24 (uninsured)

All prices in British  GBP -  (Pounds Sterling)

We aim for 24 hour turnaround on repairs dependent on present work load, add a day for iPod install. 


Rover 4.0/4.6   P-38A  models (UK - 1994-1999.5)

Clarion RDS Diversity head units:-

PRC 7618 (PU-9836A): Electronic tape eject, CD changer socket on back, no internal amp as it works with the Harman Kardon amps in the doors.

PRC 7617 (PU-9837A): Mechanical tape eject button, amplifier built into head unit. (No 13 pin socket for CD changer on back). Not compatible with Harman Kardon door amps system.


These units are around GBP - 500+ new at the main dealer! Send your unit in to be repaired & serviced to like new condition for 87 (+ shipping). Exchange (your old broken one - excluding liquid damaged - for a good one).

Defender Models

Clarion Defender RTC 7788 unit - Send your unit in to be repaired & serviced to like new condition for 87 (+ shipping)

The Alpine XQD10158OLNF unit: (1999.5 - 2002)

Currently unable to repair due to problem sourcing parts. Ipod / MP3 can be added though.

Ipod Interface to Factory Alpine Head unit


Pioneer Discovery I

Fully reconditioned like new units for GBP - 180. 

Repair 87 + shipping


Range Rover Classic.  Fully reconditioned like new units for GBP - 180 outright or GBP - 130 exchange.


Repair 87 + shipping


Shipping Rates

UK mainland: 9 (Royal Mail Special Delivery)

Europe: 12 standard Airmail, 18 Insured


European enquiries 





0114 2402798

0794 6608898

Stereo items shipped to Roverville for repair, testing, exchange or what ever reason will be return shipped to address provided us by the customer, we are not responsible for errors in the address that you provide us.

Stereo Items left at Roverville for more then 90 days will be considered abandoned and be resold or discarded unless otherwise noted or arranged.