I’m another Very Satisfied Customer.

After shipping my Range Rover Clarion radio to Roverville it now works perfectly and I received super fast professional service.  I couldn’t be more pleased!  

If you need Factory Land Rover stereo repairs or any of the services they offer I highly recommend Roverville. They’re hands down the best in the business! Also let me add, their ingenious iPod/Mp3 Aux jack has brought new life to my beloved Rover and I actually prefer it to the radio or CD player….iPod sounds great through my 12 speaker 5 amp Factory system!  It’s so easy to use and looks like it came from the factory that way.

Again, thank you for your time and all the one-on-one support; I’ll be a lifetime fan & customer of Roverville.

B. Nelms

Black stone, VA USA

Hello John

First of all I want to say Thank you for going the extra mile to help me with my P38 Rover stereo system.

To begin with I was very fortunate to have the chance come to work to Texarkana and get the chance to meet you and have you work on my radio right at your shop.

The work and the attention to detail that you showed me were totally outstanding and way up the board of personal service and care.

With the addition of the iPod Aux jack to my original Clarion radio my sound system is now totally out of this world.

I am so happy with your work and care that I have linked your site to our contact list with the Solihull Society Rovers Club of Colorado, USA so that as many Rovers

aficionados that may have a need for your help and service have a chance to do business with you.

Arthur Wright

Florissant, Co USA

Solihull Society Rovers Club Member

Dear Roverville,

Got my P-38 Range Rover radio back after your repair, service, and iPod jack install…. slipped it back in the dash and all looks and sounds like new!  As you know, this vehicle has a poorly designed cup holder that assures that drinks land in the radio following any quick stop. I thought my radio had consumed its last latte, but you surely saved it!  The new iPod jack feature works great too.

Many thanks for the quick turn-around and your diligent service.

Jerome C.

Elk Grove, California, USA

Dear Roverville - Radio Repair
I just wanted to inform you that my repaired and 3.5mm Aux Jack fitted Clarion P-38 Range Rover radio arrived back in Australia and I am VERY pleased with all your work. It’s like getting a new radio, but even better because it now has iPod and Mp3, etc. capability!   
Many thanks indeed and keep up the great work!

Caloundra, QLD.

Hi Roverville,

I just received my Range Rover Diversity radio back today!  It has since been installed, looks and works like promised!  The new auxiliary iPod/Mp3 jack you added is very slick and discrete, definitely a worthwhile upgrade! 

Thanks for providing a truly seamless process.  I will be sure to recommend your services to other Land Rover lovers in the future.

B. Lively

Kelowna, Canada

November , 2009

Hi Roverville

I received and re-installed my P-38 Range Rover Clarion radio that you repaired and added iPod aux jack to. It all works great now and looks brand new!

I definitely learned a great lesson in packaging fragile items for shipping after receiving my radio back from you.

Thanks again for repairing my face plate and radio head unit so quickly. You did a great job. I'm pleased with your excellent service. Continue on providing us and future Range Rover enthusiast with your much needed service. 

Take care,

S. Eguchi

Alhambra, California, USA

Oct 2009

John – It’s awesome!   


There is absolutely no doubt that you offer the best option for repair / service on Land Rover stereos.  I just recently purchased this Range Rover P-38 and the radio was not working at all…. so I had no idea how nice the stereo was, that’s until I received it back from you at Roverville in like "brand new" condition.  The Ipod jack that you installed in the face works perfectly.  In fact, as soon as I reinstalled the radio I took it to my Range Rover mechanic to show off and he could not believe how little I paid and how much I got.  He will now be referring customers to you as well. 


Thanks for making the process so easy.  Well Done!


All the best to you in your business.


J. Akers

Brentwood, Tennessee

October 2009


Dear Roverville - Radio

Is there a business rating site / discussion group or whatever that I can go on and rave about your work and unbelievable service? I'd really like to help promote you as your excellence should be known to the world.

Thank you so much for your excellent service. It's so rare these days to find any company that not only performs above and beyond their advertised services, but is a pleasure to deal with. My Range Rover Factory radio works great! The instructions you sent for removing and reinstalling were very clear and trouble free.  I really think anyone with a Land Rover stereo issue is nuts if they don't come to you first, as I know they will end up coming to you last. Thanks again!

Murray Reynolds
Southern California Range Rover Owner and Happy Roverville Customer

2nd Oct 2009

Hey John,

I wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying my Rover stereo again now that you’ve rebuilt it. The radio and cassette player works great! But it’s the iPod Aux connection that I really like. It’s a great idea to add it. I’m also glad I decided to have the original unit repaired and the iPod/MP3 connection added to it as opposed to replacing it with some after-market unit that just wouldn’t look right or sound as good with my OEM amps, speakers etc.  I prefer to keep my Discovery as close to original as possible and your great work has helped me stay the course.

Thanks again for the quick turn around and the quality work. I really appreciate it.

Chris F.

Katy, Texas

Aug. 7th  2009


Hi Roverville: 


I drove my 2001 Range Rover to Dallas, TX the other day….was the first time I’ve been able to go since you fixed my dead Stereo system, installed a new head liner, fixed that crazy wind noise that no one until you could figure out,  fixed that constant water leak in the car caused by the A/C drain lines being blocked as you artfully figured out, etc.  I am just thrilled with all!  You are a true LAND ROVER MAN and so glad I live close. 


I would like to bring my ROVER back up to your shop and have you do the suspension that we spoke of; convert it all back to air springs and fix the cruise control. 


F.Y.I.   You may use me as a reference anytime; because all your work is EXCELLENT! 



Gary W.

Hosston, Louisiana

July 2009

July 2009

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to thank you for the repair you performed on my 1999 Range Rover Clarion OEM Diversity radio.

It works & sounds great and the new iPod Auxiliary jack feature you fitted is just wonderful.  Your radio unit removal instructions were very helpful & easy to follow.  I will happily send any referrals to you guys at Roverville. 

Thank you!

S. Libstaff

NB,  California, USA

June 2009


My Range Rover Clarion Diversity head unit arrived on Friday after you repaired it and added a 3.5mm iPod/MP3 Auxiliary jack in the face……. arrived just in time for a five hour road trip. It all works great!  

I am very happy :o) and I’ll spread the word about your great service.


Colin H.

Ontario, Canada

May 28 2009

Dear Roverville:

We received our repaired by you P-38 Range Rover radio with new Ipod/MP3 Aux. jack feature today
just as you had promised.  Joel installed it one-two-three.  It never sounded so good, even when it was new!  The new Ipod Aux. jack feature works perfectly with it. I just can't laud your praises enough!  

I wish I knew a bunch of people who had problems with their Rover radios……
so whenever I have an opportunity to sing your praises I will be sure to do just that.

It is great when you meet someone so honest, capable, friendly, and just an all around good guy as yourself.  Great Job!

Should you ever be in the NY area or Northern Coast of Brittany, not far from the Month St Michel, please don't hesitate to reach out as we have a 5 bedroom house and love company in France.

John, you may post this thank you note, if you wish. 

very thankful and happy customer!

. Berns

New York, USA & Northern Coast of Brittany, France


Dear Roverville

I just wanted to thank you on such a wonderful job you’ve done on my Range Rover Clarion radio. You are my stimulus cause… you’ve saved me thousands. My radio is working better than ever and I can actually see the screen now.  John you are the best! I will definitely be referring anyone with a Land Rover to you!

I love the new IPOD/MP3 auxiliary face mounted jack!!! I don’t even need a CD player anymore. It’s so easy to use.  I’ve been downloading music all weekend….. just so I can play it in my car.

Thank you soooo much!!!!

Alisha L.

Philadelphia, PA

Dear Roverville,

Just wanted to say: I am delighted with the new 3.5mm Auxiliary iPod / MP3 /Sirius / iPhone port you installed in my Range Rover OEM Alpine XQD10158OLNF/AMR 6285 radio – I have tried it out with both my daughter’s i-pod and my own MP3 player in my phone – both work beautifully, no distortion at all – just crisp, clear sound.  Your female aux jack sits in a very unobtrusive spot on the head unit – looks like it was meant to be there. There are virtually no other reasonable options as far as I can tell – believe me, I checked! The other really nice thing about this option is that we get to keep the CD changer, Tape and Radio functions on the head unit – just unplug the 3.5mm jack and you are immediately back to Radio mode.

I was pleasantly surprised at the speed of service – my unit was returned, very safely packaged, within a week.

Thanks again & soon I’ll be sending you the head unit from my Disco I – My kids drive that most of the time….

Rob E.

Lakewood, OH USA

9th April 2009

First off I want to say “thank goodness” I found Roverville – Radio Repair!  And to find I live in the same town was just an amazing piece of luck!  

I wanted to say thanks to John for all his help with my 1995 RRC LWB.  I recently acquired this truck and the stereo system was trashed, only a few speakers worked…. the sound was awful because according to John most speakers were trashed and the amp was not working on all channels. John meticulously rebuilt the entire system at a very reasonable price. Upgraded my speakers, replaced the old head unit with one that he had already serviced…. now looks and operates like new. He even added an IPOD jack...which is AWESOME!  He upgraded my subwoofer with a new driver and it sounds great!  He’s actually going to add an additional driver to the factory single driver subwoofer box...can’t wait to hear/feel that! 

A real cool thing of the many he did and said it was ok to share with you guys:

OK, I like the older Range Rover Classic A/D/S tweeters in the doors, I told John I wished my 1995 had them; he assured me he could make the OEM pillar tweeters sound just as bright & crisp.  So as I looked over his shoulder he with soldering iron in hand removed the capacitor thing?? on the back of the pillar trim tweeter, swung the speaker wire over to bypass the capacitor and wow did it ever open that tweeter up. He said “the capacitor was a choke” and in my opinion it sounds a million times better without it!  I like the full range it now has, great lows, great highs and great mids.  Hmmmm I just love it!   

Anyway, if you’re like me and want to keep the OEM Stereo in your Rover and want to make it Ipod/Mp3 ready and have it sound the best it possibly can then trust Roverville to do the trick.

Thanks for everything John!

Lane C.

Texarkana, Texas

06 RR S.Charge


95 D-90


April 7th 200 

Hi Roverville: 

Just wanted to tell everybody about the wonderful new feature you guys added to my 1999 Discovery OEM Alpine stereo.  

It is the 3.5mm Auxiliary jack for Ipod MP3 / Phone / Sirius. A small (3.5mm) jack Roverville installed right in the face of my radio; looks like it’s always been there! J  It switches off the radio when you plug the jack in the socket and you don't lose your CD player or anything else. The sound is perfectly clear…. works great on my phone and satellite radio!

In my opinion it’s the best solution out there and the bonus is it looks completely factory, is less expensive than other options and is a direct connect system, so no drop in volume or quality like the cassette adaptor and FM modulator method.

I got fast service on a really great product!


Chad G.

McKinney, Texas USA

1999 Disco II SE7



Mar 15th. 2009

Hi Roverville,


Just wanted to thank you!   I got my 1997 (AMR 2672) Range Rover radio back after your repairs on Friday and reinstalled it yesterday and it's like new again!


I'm so happy!!!  And my husband is impressed with my installation skills. J    Thanks to your great e-mailed instructions and pictures.


Thanks again for all your help!



Basking Ridge



10 Nov 2008

Dear Roverville - Radio repair,

Thank you for the fine job and exceptional service regarding repair of my Clarion P-38 RR (AMR2672) Radio on Invoice# 100204.  Your attention to every detail is appreciated.  The itemized invoice with repaired radio was great communications.   I put the CATS Code Card your kindly supply right in my Owners Manual which is always in the Rover.  Great idea and service!   

I got the radio back on 10 Nov 2008.  It's installed and works great!  I will recommend you to all. 

FYI, I saw your add on

Thanks again for great job and service.

Best regards,

 Greg B.

York, Maine USA



Sept. 15, 2008

Roverville Radio Repair:

I just received and installed the unit in the RR and it sounds great.  Since I just recently bought the car with the non-working system and had not heard the premium sound system I didn't know how good it would sound.  I am sooooo glad I didn't convert to a modern aftermarket system, and the look couldn't be any better than with the original.  Thanks for fixing me up!

R. Akridge

Fort Valley, GA


Dear John & Tom of Roverville:

I just got my AMR 2672 P-38 Range Rover radio back from you and installed it. There are no words to describe how pleased I am… its perfect! I must say I made the right choice when I decided to have my radio repaired by Roverville – Radio Repair.

Once again… many thanks!


Bahama, NC


Dear Roverville - Radio,

This is Mike,

I sent you a dead P-38 Range Rover Clarion Diversity radio in December to repair…….. I was so very happy with the result that I am sending you another one today that also needs repair.

I will send it out as soon as I get your response.

Thank you in advance, Mike

Holland’s Garage

Guildford, CT USA


Nov. 2007
Hey John,
My Range Rover radio arrived, and it works like a charm.  You did an excellent job!  Everything is ship shape!
I can’t thank you enough for the radio repair, even my daughter was amazed at how “sweet” the radio is, the steering controls, tape deck, CD changer, etc…  When I first read your original email reply to my enquiry, I thought it was toast. Thanks again,  I appreciate your help.  My Discovery LCD is getting old.  When it gets further gone, I’ll definitely give you a call.
Have a great holiday season.

Oz Leon
Centinnial, Colorado

Nov. 2007

John & Tom,

I am back in Manila and the radio has been reinstalled in my '98 Range Rover. I have to say, I am really impressed! Prior to sending the radio to you guys, I brought it to 3 repair shops here and none of them were able to fix it. So i was a bit sceptical at first when i saw your site. But I was getting desperate already since the radio had been busted for over a year - no sound except for an annoying humming/buzzing sound and a dead LCD. Now everything works perfectly. The radio also looks brand new especially the buttons. I remember the markings on the buttons being yellowish already. Now it looks new. Thank you so much and more power to your company.


Robin de Castro

Manila, Philippines

October 2007

John & Tom of Roverville,

Well I want to thank you again. You repaired my Range Rover P-38 radio several years ago and it had Worked great since until I had service done at the local Range Rover dealership. They had disconnected the battery for repairs on the engine and sent me home with a radio that would not work. The dealership was unable to help me and was not even familiar with the operation of the product that they sell! They said if I waited a few hours the code would clear and I could enter it again! I waited one week and then I found your number on the code card you had provided.

In just a few minutes you had my radio up and running, I appreciate your vast knowledge and your very kind help.

Thank you!

Cory Nordmeyer
Chanhassen, MN

Hi John,

My Range Rover 4.6HSE radio arrived after your repairs.  Thank you!

A fantastic job!  Your attention to detail ... It was clean, looked great, works great, loved the packaging (magnificent), the repair card, the LCD dusting cloth ... Even your writing on the box.

I am extremely happy John.  

Thanks again.


Peter Verbyla
Yan Yean,  Victoria

Hey John,

I just wanted to say 'thank you'

You did a great job restoring my tired & tatty factory D-90 (RTC7788) stereo

last week.  You provide a great service and the turnaround was just superior. 

Man, well done!

J. Dockendorf

Edmond, OK USA

Hi John,

My Clarion D-90 radio arrived yesterday in just 2 days!  I installed it today and all looks and works great!!  Thanks so much for your prompt attention & great work in restoring my tired/tatty radio to like new again.

Use me as a reference, any time! 

Thanks for all your help!

M. Kaplan

Ketchum, Idaho USA


Hi, Just a quick post to give credit where credit its due.

My 1997 4.6HSE had an after-market sound system in it when I acquired it. A few weeks ago the head unit died. I am a long time audiophile and I was thinking now is the time to set-up my ideal sound system. As with most things I make the project bigger than it needs to be. Soon I was looking at modifying the dash for after-market voice activated navigation, DVD, computer, etc. I love all that stuff but it hit me that all I wanted was a nice sounding system that didn't have space age lights all over it or crappy graphics on a 1.5"x5" screen.

I realized I simply wanted the original sound system back, I wanted control from the steering wheel back. How bad could the original system sound?

Thanks to the “very helpful” Land Rover site By John Brabyn:  I hooked up with John at Roverville Radio, USA:  they have a repair shop in both UK and USA . I now have the factory original Clarion Diversity system back in my 1997 Range Rover. With John’s help It was really easy to do it myself. Roverville Radio had all the parts required, including the metal sleeve and plastic radio to dash trim piece. Just as I have read, Roverville has great customer service! John went out of his way to make sure I was set-up.

I was pleasantly surprised, when adjusted Diversity system sounds nice. I set Treble to +5, Bass to +2, Sub to Max and Fade to -2.

I couldn't be happier! It fits, it looks right, all the buttons work and the sound is great….. it even has weather band, a great feature Aftermarket systems do not have!

Thanks John !

Tim G.
New York, USA
1997 Range Rover 4.6HSE


Put me down as another very satisfied customer. I am totally amazed because you received my bad Range Rover 4.6 HSE head unit on Friday, fixed it and I got it back the very next Monday! Wow!!!!  I put the unit in the car and it looks and works GREAT!!

With such quick service i am going to send you my spare radio for repair too.


USA - Jan 2007

I have no idea what I would have done if I had not found and contacted Roverville-Radio Repair.  They practically resurrected my P-38 Range Rover from de-value, as I was so frustrated in getting service from anyone to assist me with OEM stereo repairs. My radio was dead! 
Their turn around time was amazing; I was practically able to be back up and ‘sounding’ within hours. 
I would recommend anyone to this company for Land Rover OEM stereo repairs!
Thanks a million John!!
T. Scatliffe
British West Indies

November 2006

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to say thanks a heap. I posted the radio to you Monday afternoon and got it back Wednesday Morning in excellent working order (sound and LCD all working) , and to think we were about to spend £500 to replace it with a quality system because we thought it was completely dead.

Thanks again for an excellent and speedy service.

I we will definitely keep you in favourites for the future and recommend you to anyone we know who has a Land Rover

Denise & Matt (Bedfordshire UK)

Hi John,
RE: Discovery AMR 2772 unit repair
The repaired Radio for my son’s Disco arrived at John’s place just as you said it would. He installed it last night and all is well. Sorry for the delay in responding to your E-mail but John was home for Thanksgiving and the radio and his truck were not! All the functions on the radio work like new and John said since you replaced the face & LCD lighting he can now operate it at night and see what he is doing. 
You know this is the second radio we have sent to Roverville - Radio to repair; from the Disco and my Range Rover. Thanks for
1. Fixing the units
2. Being fair with your charges
3. E-mail notification when you receive and return the units
4. Fast turnaround time, start to finish.  

I would recommend your services to anyone who wants to save their OEM Rover Stereo, CD changer, etc. All the repair shops around here wanted to do is sell us a new aftermarket radio, and when we ask them about repair, they just grin!
Thanks again,
Jim C.
Dover, NH

Hi John,
RE: AMR 2672 Clarion Diversity Radio
Re-installed my radio and everything is great! Thank you so much for repairing my dead radio/head unit! I will surely be sending you more business! 
The dealerships are running a great racket for those who are not exposed to your guys at Roverville-Radio, sure glad I found you!
Thanks again,
K. Allen
Mountain View
California, USA

Thanks for your incredible advice…  I took off the shroud and looked at the unit per your instructions and one of the nuts that holds it to the side of the car had come OFF.  I put it back on and the changer doesn’t skip AT ALL now … no matter how loud I play it and no matter how much bass I add…
You guys at Roverville- Radio are fantastic and I thank you!
Chicago, IL

I just reinstalled the radio; two days ahead of schedule! Thanks so much for resolving this problem for me in a quick and professional manner. Good customer service is a rare thing these days. I will definitely recommend Roverville – Radio Repair to my friends/acquaintances that own Land Rovers.  I will also pass along recommendation to the Land Rover service shops in my area.
FYI: I learned about Roverville through Happy Rovering!
(Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)



 I can't thank you enough.  You have gone over and above my expectations of kindness from a stranger.  The problem with my husband's Rover radio worried me but you helped me figure out the problem by having me answer some questions.  Your directions on how to remove the unit and change the amp fuse made it simple and easy (Especially for someone like me who knows nothing about cars).  With that I was able to fix it myself and save $$ by not taking it to the dealer to fix what ended up being a $3 fix. I am now able to put the money you saved me towards my husbands “coming home party” in a few weeks (He just got back from Afghanistan with the 173rd Airborne Brigade). 

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.  If I am ever in your town I will definitely stop by!! 

You are so kind and a great person!

NY State, USA
May 2006

Hi Tom
Head arrived this morning, now back in the car and working perfectly !
It is a joy to have music again !
Fantastic service by any standards. Can not thank you enough !
All the best
F. McQueen


Thank you Tom, it sounds better too!

A great service, do you do TV's!?!


Chris C.

Hi, just wanted to voice some well deserved praise for Roverville - Radio Repair.

OK, I found them thru Roverville went out of their way to sort my radio troubles out for under $200. They sent me pics and notes and even called me at home with help to remove the head unit myself. Though I'm in S. California and they in Arkansas... I was a bit unsure about it at first, but I had little choice considering the $1600 alternative.. so I thought "what the heck", nothing to lose but a bum/dead unit, so I shipped it to Roverville with a Money order for $185. I kid you not! 5 days later the radio was back home and in my Rover... looking like brand new and playing it's heart out at me. The stealers/dealers told my my 4.6 HSE radio was fried and a replacement was a tidy $1600.. crazy! Turns out all I needed was a new LCD installed and some other components/parts internally. My hat's off to you guys at Roverville-Radio. Now that was good honest service!

I highly recommend these guys!

California, USA

Everything works great!  Thanks for all your help.  I’d like to pass your contact info on to my Land Rover dealer & Rover friends, but would like your permission first.  I also have a 2004 Range and a 1996 Disco so you never know what will go wrong next.  Thanks again for all your help and guidance.  You have a great business there and it’s been a privilege working with you.
Michael B.



Got My Range Rover Radio PRC 7618 back yesterday.

Excellent Value!
The radio shop in oxford had it for two weeks, then said it was not repairable. (Wrong).
Have given your number to Mark Smith LTD an independent Land Rover R/Rover Repairer
from Bicester.

All the Best
Mark B.

Dear Roverville-Radio,

I just wanted to write to inform you that my Clarion Diversity has never sounded better, indeed, I can hear depths and nuances in Bach's Goldberg Variations that I've never heard before.

Many thanks for your speedy service.


Nigel L.P.
Richmond Upon Thames,

Hi Roverville radio,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you! Your on-the-spot phone help with my code/locked-out radio sure made my drive from NYC to DC much more enjoyable. I also wanted to tell you that after a year (you repaired this Clarion AMR 2672 head unit for me over a year ago) all is still working and sounds GREAT!

Thanks again!
Paul R.
'96 RR 4.0

I've been meaning to get a note off to you to thank you for repairing my radio! It's nice so nice to have my tunes back. I can't believe how quickly you were able to get it back to me. the radio is better than new! You run a great business and i will be sure to share your name with all my Rover friends.
Thanks again,
Rod M.
Sammamish, WA, USA

Great job! The radio arrived safely and well, it works as a new one! I will pass on your details to anyone I know having problems with his/her LR radio !
Best regards,

Raoul J.

I received my radio today. Works great! Thanks for a good job!
You ought to have a place on your website for comments from customers. I would certainly give you guys a glowing recommendation.

Jonathan D.
Fort worth, Texas, USA

I re-installed my radio that you repaired, had no difficulty with your helpful instructions. Radio looks like new and sounds great too! Great to have my 4.6 Range Rover Diversity unit shipped out and back in less than a week, now that's customer service! I've not had this radio working in my car for over a year, sure sounds good!
I'll highly recommend you guys at Roverville to all my rover friends and mechanics!  

Jonathan B.
New Jersey, USA

Awesome! Thanks for fixing all the issues and making it like new.
I'm really excited about my Rovers stereo again.
I'll be sure to pass on kudos in all my rover forums!

John M.
Range Rover P-38