water buffalo types  Water Buffalo Types

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Water Buffalo Types:  

These are the general classifications of water buffalo within the United States. Throughout the world there are two General types - Swamp buffalo and River buffalo - within the River Breed there are 18 sub-species. The sub-species are generally water buffalo-  raised through centuries in a given local. They developed their own characteristics as they adapted to their surroundings and nature.  

water buffalo types

Cattle - 60 Chromosomes 

water buffalo types

Swamp Buffalo 

48 chromosomes -  A multi-purpose

Farm animal - Draft - transportation - meat - and some milk. Essential for many Farmers through-out our World - Description: Swept back horns in a crescent shape - with 2 white chevrons in neck area usually slate gray to black - 

Swept back in a crescent shape - some variations  - Swamp Picture 

river buffalo

River Buffalo

50 chromosomes  - More of a milk animal but also used for draft in some parts - 

18 Sub-species - many different shapes and sizes: characteristics developed over centuries in a given local  tight curl - Murrah - Nili-Ravi, - down and up - Jaffarabadi - Italian- Mediterranean - horns head out and stop - no curl - etc..


River and Swamp animals will cross - (49 chromosomes) -  making for a hybrid - sometimes with the best traits of both. The Philippines under the guise of -  Dr. Libertado Cruz - have done extensive work in upgrading their Swamp Buffalo with River stocks. See Philippine Carabao Center Official Website

Some Examples of River Types

Anatolian Water Buffalo

Australian Water Buffalo

Egyptian Water Buffalo

Kundi Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo Jafarabadi

Malaysian Water Buffalo

Murrah Water Buffalo

Nili-Ravi Water Buffalo

Pandharpuri Water Buffalo

[Dividing Line Image]

                  Water BUFFALO
                   |                            |     
  African wild buffalo                     Asian buffalo
  Syncerus caffar              ____________________________           Subspecies: 	                                          
      S. caffar caffar   Wild buffaloes           Domestic buffalo
         (Cape Buffalo)
      S. c.brachyceros          |                          |
      S. c.nanus                |                          |
                                |                          |
                  _____________________________            |
                  |             |             |            |
            Indian wild Arni   Anoa         Tamarao        |
            Bubalus arnee     Bubalus       Bubalus        |
                            depressicorais  mindorensis    |
                                |                          |
                         River Type                   Swamp Type
                         Bubalus bubalis              carabanesis


swamp buffalo


USA - Short history

Initial importations from Guam and Trinidad. The animals from Guam -Swamps and Trinidad an assortment of the River breeds there. In Trinidad - Dr. Steve Bennett  - did extensive breeding work with the aim of a multi-purpose animal. Meat - Milk and draft - labeled - Buffalypso a mixture of - Jaffarabadi, Surti, Murrah and Nili Ravi - not to be confused with latter USA importations - where all the animals coming in were named " Buffalypso". Aside from these importations, there were a few Zoo animals that were released to the public. 

With initial importations - late 1970's came 2 bulls - one died and for many years- blood lines were very tight. The Zoo animals helped and then the later importations from Trinidad - late 1980's early 1990's - opened up the bloodlines, however, none of the animals had any type of lineage. Because of restrictions, there were  few introductions of imported semen  - one used extensively - was from a prized Murrah bull from Brazil.  

Lately - the last 6 years , Italian semen has passed restrictions and has relieved a bloodline bottleneck. The Italians have done extensive work with their signature - "Mediterranean" buffaloes -  breeding for milk production. Take a look at these production figures: Water Buffalo Semen


river buffalo

River - Swamp  - Water Buffalo Types








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