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water buffalo mozzarella



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Milk Di Bufala

Water Buffalo Milk !



Water Buffalo Mozzarella

A little Mozzarella Cheese Story :      

2,000 years ago Rome was the master of the world and Julius Caesar was the master of Rome. One of Rome's many conquests was the country of Egypt and its beautiful Queen Cleopatra. Caesar returned to Rome and sent his counsel, Anthony, to administer the conquest.

Legend has it that Anthony and Cleopatra fell in love and spent many idyllic hours cruising the Nile on the barges pulled by water buffalo, eating sumptuous meals and feasting on cheese made from the milk of the water buffalo. The Egyptians, seeing the passion between the two, came to regard the protein and vitamin rich cheese as a prime motivator in this mad affair. Anthony became such a lover of the cheese he sent water buffalo back to Rome as a gift to Caesar, with instructions on how to make the milk into mozzarella. Overnight the cheese became a staple of the Roman diet and all of Southern Italy. The breeding of the water buffalo became a passion in its own right in the area between Rome and Naples. Over the centuries, the wholesomeness of the produce sustained the Italian people and could not be duplicated anywhere else.

Until Now - come enjoy the fresh taste of Mozzarella di Bufala - made in the good ol'- USA! 

buffalo milk

Water Buffalo Milk to Cheese - Yield:

 With fresh buffalo milk with a FAT 8.3% and 4.3% of proteins, you get an average of 24.6%. I.e. from the processing of 1 quintal of buffalo milk gets over 24 Kg of mozzarella, against 13 Kg obtained an average of 1 quintal of milk. Buffalo milk yield is, in this case, in excess of approximately 1.8 times that of cows ' milk. To get a pound of mozzarella di bufala serve approximately 4 and a half liters of milk.


buffalo milk  


water buffalo mozzarella

Water Buffalo - Making Mozzarella Cheese

buffalo cheese

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The Water Buffalo is a multipurpose animal. Not only is it a better source of milk than the cow, it also provides meat and works as a natural source of energy.

Buffalo mozzarella

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