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National Dairy Research Institute Records Highest Milk Yield in Buffalo

By: Dalip K. Gosain Ph.D.

Karnal (India) The National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) located here recorded the highest milk yield in a Murrah buffalo recording 23.3 kg in one day told Dr. A.K. Srivastava, Director of the Institute. He further added that this highest yield was obtained on day 56 of second lactation of this buffalo. He emphasized that, since the animal is only in her second lactation it is expected that the milk yield will further increase during 3rd and 4th lactation.

Giving detailed information, Dr. Srivastava informed that this Murrah buffalo was born at the institute using the superior germplasm of parents having damís yield of 2284 kg in lactation and the bull having sire index of 3437 kg in standard lactation period of 305 days.

Dr. Srivastava added that in the current second lactation, this buffalo has so far produced 946.3 kg of milk in 52 days with a daily average of 18.2 kg. Earlier to that in her first lactation, this buffalo yielded 3812.5 kg milk in 305 days.

Dr. Srivastava was very hopeful that the male calf born from this animal in this lactation will become a breeding bull with high genetic potential after maturity. The semen of this bull would immensely benefit the dairy farmers in breed improvement of Murrah buffaloes.

He applauded the hard and dedicated work of the team of scientists and doctors that achieved the highest milk yield of buffalo. He further said that NDRI is committed in bringing out improvement in all fronts of dairy sector so that the dairy farmers are benefited through rearing of elite animals.

He emphasized that in addition to other advanced technologies, such as IVF, super ovulation and embryo transfer, the recent breakthrough made in cloning of buffalo at NDRI, would further enhance the faster multiplication of such superior germplasm for the benefit of dairy farmers.

Photo Caption: Dr. A.K. Srivastava, Director NDRI with Buffalo at NDRI Cattle Yard that yielded 23.3 kg milk in one day

2248 KG = 2248 L = 562 gallons or 1.84 gallons per day 

3812.5 = 953 gallons/305 days = 3.1 gallons per day 






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