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Water Buffalo , Living Tractor, Tamaraw,  Carabao, Bubalus Bubalis & Arni - Buffalo leather - throngs Links:

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Buffalo Reproduction:   

-Drost project.org  - by Dr. Drost - visual guide to water buffalo reproduction: 

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Buffalo Dairy and Products : 

Quality Cheese - Canada Mozzarella  ! 

Lely Dairy Products 

Ramini Mozzarella - Handcrafted Mozzarella made in the USA ! 

Ethology - Study of WB Behavior Aiming at Milk Yield 

Interesting Article on Water Buffalo Mozzarella 

Palmer's UK Buffalo milk Operation

Napton Water Buffalo - UK - Milk, Cheese Meat  etc.

Fazenda Santa Izabel - Brazil - Murrah 

University of Michigan - Museum of Zoology  - some decent information. 

Weston aprice  -  Interesting Reading on food and food products

Water Buffalo Meat 


Maine Water Buffalo Co. 

Carrell Farms - 

Water buffalo Breeders: 

Manor Farm - Broughton, Stockbridge Hampshire, England

www.gotriverbuffs.com  - Dana De Pello-McElroy - California 


Products -  :

Buffalo Leather at its best ! Another Remarkable Tribute to this Neglected Animal.


      Buffalo Vermont   - No LONGER IN BUSINESS  - moved to Canada 

Buffalo News from Around the World :

: Articles and Pictures :




Sources of Reading Material:


Folklore :


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Buffalo Art :

Buffalo Music !


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2005 Young Heifer  -

The Bull: One of our Export Bulls - to the land down under - Australia !

Water Buffalo Cows

Montana - The Bull ! 

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