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The world buffalo population, estimated at 185.29 million, is spread in about 42 countries,

of which 179.75 million (97%) are in Asia (FAO, 2008).


1.    Not exotic animals but farm animals  

2.   180,000,000. in the world , 100 million in India.

                                    Used for:      DRAFT


                                                           Milk and milk by - products


  3.   30 years in this country, approximately 5000 now.

  4.         In this country water buffalo are used for Meat, Milk and some Draft.

Also breed improvement  through genetic selection, proper nutrition and management.

  5.    Exportations to :  Philippines and Australia, Central America.

  6.    American Water Buffalo Association

  7.     Purpose is to promote the scientific study and to research          

          ways and  means  breeding, exportations to developing countries 

           for upgrading of herds.

   8.    2 basic types:

                   African - Syncerina

                   Asian   - Bubalus Bubalis

                   Bison or the American Buffalo are not in either group.

African or the Cape Buffalo are wild and to this date have not been domesticated.

                    Asian on the other hand is a species with three historical types:  

Tamaraw - is a small type found in Mindoro, Philippines  and are almost extinct.

                    Anoa - is a dwarf type found in Indonesia.

Arni - the type we have - domesticated for over    5,000.  years.                                                                                        

    9.    3 types of Arni:      A: Swamp - draft type

                                           B: River  -  milk type

                                           C: Mediterranean - milk type

            10.  These animals are hardy, resistant to internal and external parasites. Friendly, intelligent and can become pets very easily. Growth, they get fat on land where cattle starve. Due to the rich milk they produce, calves will out gain cattle at weaning age. A buffalo cow can produce 20 to 25 calves in her lifetime.                                                                           

11.       11. Weight at birth averages 80 pounds. We have had many weigh 98 to 114 pounds. At 6 months, it is not uncommon for a bull calf to weigh 700 pounds  at weaning age and at one year weigh 950 pounds. At maturity a bull will weigh about 1500 to 2200 pounds. Cows weigh from 1200 to 1600 pounds.

12.        12. Through proper nutrition and management our cows calve every year after. In India they start producing at approximately 5 years and only calve every 3 to 4 years. Our heifers give birth at two or three and calve every year

             13. Gestation is 10 1/2 months. Water buffalo do not breed with cattle or bison due to the different number of chromosomes - 48- 50 and cattle -60 . Lifespan of 20 to 30 years

            14. 14. Meat is very tasty, very much like beef but 67% lower in cholesterol 92% less saturated fat and 45% saturated fat.

  15.     Milk is high in butter fat. True mozzarella cheese is made from water buffalo milk. The River type are milked in Italy, Asia, South America, and the Balkans. We have been milking since August of 1994. Our milk was used  to produce the only fresh made Mozzarella cheese in the U.S.. Now, milking is progressing in Southern, CA.        

16.  Hides make a very strong, smooth leather and the horns are in demand.

17.  Unless wounded or severely stressed, the domesticated water buffalo  is  one of the gentlest of all Animals.      

18.  Water Buffalo adapt to a variety of climates from Russia, the Balkan  countries, to Asia, Egypt, Americas and  the  Tropics.

19.  A  animal of strategic importance for much of the World.

   A Chinese woman once said to her children, 

 "You had better take good care of our water Buffalo 

because if I die, you will grieve and weep but if our buffalo dies, you will starve"....  

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